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Armanu: Brother Oil

Armanu is the name of a Mediterranean story.
During the Spanish domination of Sardinia, the Jesuits brought an increasing cultivation of olive trees. It is said that they went from house to house in order to sell the oil, asking “De queres d’ozzu, armanu?” (“Do you want oil, brother?”) Since then, “ozzu armanu” identifies homemade olive oil in Sardinian culture. The founder of Sa Spinarba, Cenzo Aresu, registered Armanu® as a trademark since 2003, in order to revive this Mediterranean tradition.
Armanu ® is considered an olive oil of excellence. It has received widespread recognition during the last ten years. For example, it has won the national award Montiferru and has been selected among the finalists of Ercole Olivario in Spoleto.

The Armanu® extra-virgin olive oil is an exclusive blend of Sardinian and Mediterranean cultivars, the typically Sardinian Tonda, the Bosana from Northern Sardinia, and the Semidana. Armanu is obtained through a manual harvest in November, through a certified cold-press process at the oil mill in the same day of the harvest. Armanu® is a highly fruity and aromatic olive oil with a very low acidity level and it is rich in antioxidants. Its clinical analyses fully respect the EEC regulation for EVOO. It has a wonderful green color and a unique flavor of artichoke. Armanu® is the ideal companion for every dish of the Mediterranean diet and every flavor of the Italian cuisine. It can be useful to enrich simple dishes such as a tomato salad or it can be the icing on the cake of elaborate recipes.

Available in bottles of 50 cl.