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What does “Sa Spinarba” mean? Our farm’s name comes from a local plant, used as food in times of extreme poverty. “Sa Spinarba” reminds us of the misery and greatness of rural life, and the values of family and community. No man is an island and no farm is a desolate place: the farming space is enriched by the meeting between those who started it and those who work on it.

Sa SpinarbaOur history is the history of the Parteolla area in the plain of Campidano. It is a territory dedicated for centuries to the cultivation of olive oil and wine. Our farm, located in the municipality of Donori, 20 miles from Cagliari, was born with the purchase of the first acre of land, during the 1960s. Cenzo Aresu planted the first olive trees and he started acquiring other surrounding land. Our story goes on with the cultivation of fruits and vegetables and the different colors and flavors through the seasons: pomegranates, artichokes, lavender, saffron and much more.
Today Sa Spinarba, nestled in the hills between Donori and Barrali, is located in approximately 20 hectares. But Sa Spinarba could be in your house, too, whenever you choose products such as Andèris, Avèntos, Ardile and Armanu.

Farming for us is not simply an economic sector. It is rather a way to be together and to live in brotherhood. We try to tell an inspiring story every day, through our products and through a lifelong passion for the art of hospitality. For us, the “tourist” is never a stranger, wherever he is: at 20 or 1,000 miles away from Sardinia, surfing the Internet, or in our own farm. Every visitor is a friend, and we want to make him part of our history.

Our products can be purchased directly at the farm, through an order by mail (just write to, or in many delicatessens and wineries throughout Sardinia. They are also used by a number of restaurants, including the Michelin starred S’Apposentu of chef Roberto Petza, and hotels, including Forte Village Resort.

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