Discover Sa Spinarba

As it has been said, Sardinia is much more than an island. It is a small continent with a thousand faces.
Sa Spinarba
Sa Spinarba is the front door to get into a different Sardinia, different both from the identity of the interior and from the confusion of the coasts. This “other Sardinia” has a distinctive way of life, where olive oil and wine are the symbols of a healthy and natural lifestyle.
In order to appreciate the philosophy on which we base our business, Sa Spinarba organizes wine, oil and local food tastings at our farm. We firmly believe that the farming experience becomes much more vivid due to the interaction and conversation between people.

Please contact us to arrange your visit and for any further information. We will be happy to guide you in the discovery of Sardinia and of Sa Spinarba, a face of Sardinia that will surprise you.